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Hilead hydraulic, founded in 1967, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development and manufacturing of hydraulic transmission technology.With all kinds of advanced processing and testing equipment, the company always take science and technology as the forerunner, through in-depth cooperation with authoritative scientific research institutions, has laid a strong foundation for independent research and development, a number of products are the domestic initiative, to fill in a number of domestic technical gaps, and strive to do China's hydraulic leader status.柱塞液压泵

Company headquarters is located in ningbo high-tech zone, production base is located in ningbo yinzhou district, two factory area of 100 mu.At present, the company's product category throughout the whole hydraulic industry chain, from hydraulic pump, hydraulic horse to hydraulic complete system design and manufacturing.The company imported two four-axis machining centers from Germany, with more than 80 sets of processing centers, large CNC boring and milling machines and other equipment.

Since the 1970s, the company has been providing supporting products for the Chinese navy.At present, the company has obtained the qualification certificate of the equipment contractor, the license for scientific research and production of weapons and equipment, the third-level confidentiality certification, and the certification of weapons and equipment quality management system.The company has been supporting all kinds of deck machinery and equipment researched by csic Shanghai no.704 for a long time.

In 2010, the company invested more than 210 million yuan to build a new oil pump production base and hydraulic press production base, covering an area of nearly 100 mu. The annual designed production capacity is 50,000 plunger pumps, which can assemble various hydraulic presses below 10,000 tons. At present, the two bases have been put into operation.The company has the most advanced testing center of plunger pump motor with the most complete functions in China, which can provide various types of plunger pump motor testing tasks.

The company is one of the earliest manufacturers to develop HL A4V plunger pump in China. With strong scientific research force, it has carried out extensive and in-depth scientific research cooperation with zhejiang university, yanshan university, 704 institute and other scientific and technological institutions.In 2009, the company won the title of national high-tech enterprise, and in 2010, HL A4V high pressure axial plunger pump won the title of national key new product of the Ministry of Science and Technology.The company has 2 doctors, 2 senior engineers, dozens of graduate students team, the company has a number of intellectual property rights, so far has six invention patents and a number of utility model patents.


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