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Failure and troubleshooting of axial piston pump

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When the axial piston pump is working, the pressure gauge pointer is unstable composite hydraulic press

(1) there is serious wear between the oil distribution pan and the cylinder body or between the plunger and the cylinder body, resulting in excessive internal leakage and external leakage. 

Treatment method: check and repair the matching surface of oil distribution pan and cylinder body;Single cylinder grinding, replacement of plunger;Tighten the screws at each connection to eliminate leakage. 

(2) the pressure gauge pointer may be unstable due to the blockage of the inlet pipe, the increase of oil suction resistance and air leakage. 

Treatment method: if the oil inlet is blocked and the liquid flow resistance is large, the oil pipeline can be dredged to wash the inlet filter, check and tighten the connecting screw of the oil inlet section to eliminate air leakage. 

Insufficient flow of axial plunger pump

(1) the oil level of the oil tank is too low, the oil pipe and filter are blocked, or the resistance is too large and the air leakage, etc. 

Treatment: check the oil level of the tank.Should be added when insufficient.The clogging of tubing and filter should be dredged and cleaned.Check and tighten the screws at each connection to eliminate air leakage. 

(2) the oil pump is not full of oil before operation, leaving air. 

Treatment: fill the oil from the oil return port of the oil pump and remove the air in the oil pump.

The oil leakage of axial piston pump is serious

(1) the joint of the oil pump is poorly sealed, such as the sealing ring is damaged. 

Treatment: check the seal of the oil pump and replace the seal ring. 

(2) excessive wear between the distribution pan and the cylinder body or between the plunger and the contract body. 

Treatment method: repair and grind the contact surface of oil distribution plate and cylinder body;Developed with cylinder body and plunger pair.



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