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What are the common faults of hydraulic piston pump

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Hydraulic piston pump is the control piston in the movement of the pump cylinder, the volume of the plunger and the pump wall formed by frequent inhalation and extrusion fluid added pressure pump is the main assembly of the hydraulic system.According to the plunger pump placement mark can be divided into axial plunger pump and radial plunger pump 2 categories.Compared to the plunger pump, gear pump, vane pump, plunger pump volume effectiveness is high, up to 0.92 ~ 0.98, a higher rated thing pressure, up to 35MPa, high output speed, power and mass ratio is the largest, all the hydraulic pump.Plunger pump output flow, pressure pulsation small, unchanged, easy to change the displacement, can be made into various examples of variable pump.Because of the comprehensive function of the plunger pump in the hydraulic system, it is widely used in the places of high pressure and large flow and flow demand conditioning, such as engineering machines, aerospace and weapons equipment.But the plunger pump layout is huge, high cost, the use of cleanliness requirements are higher, on the oil of self-imbibition ability, the use of the demand for maintenance.What are the common faults of hydraulic piston pump

Axial plunger pump is the number of plunger average placement in a porous outer cylinder block and piston shaft and cylinder shaft axis of the middle line parallel or tilted Angle of the hydraulic pump, according to the division of the valve disc can be divided into disc and disc class.According to the characteristics of the valve valve plunger pump with different transmission type and layout, it can be divided into inclined plate and inclined shaft type.

Inclined plate type axial plunger pump layout and pump inclined plate thing, and the valve plate is firm, mechanical and electrical mobilization shaft, cylinder and plunger all the way to torsion.At the rear end of the plunger spring, the ball head of the plunger is always connected to the swant plate profile in close contact, and the inner plunger and the hole wall and valve plate in the plunger all the way constitute the sealing chamber.When the drive shaft moves to the right under the restraint of the inclined plate at the top of the piston as shown in the torsional direction, thus reducing the rewinding, oil is discharged from the valve plate pressure oil into the system to realize the oil compression process.And swash plate profile of the lower end of the plunger gradually bleak, oil in the atmosphere pressure for the cylinder, receiving process.

Axial plunger pump things: axial plunger pump things, the first function is the first function of the flow gradually reduced, until across the use of the minimum;Or suddenly trouble contained things.This sign is caused by the following reasons: bearing and transmission shaft bite bite failure;The gap of plunger hole increases;Ball head wear, plunger is stuck;Poor outlet seal, internal leakage and spring plunger fracture.

This is primarily due to the following reasons, Q* pcy14-1b constant power variable plunger pump for example.The pump belongs to the category of swash plate axial plunger pump, the drive shaft and the bearing fight friction, bearing temperature from the crushing;Column jack is a permanent movement of the plunger wear, gap increase resulting in high/high pressure oil control, leakage, flow reduction;Punch and ball bearing battle, because the area is small, cooling slow, remind oxidation wear due to friction heat, resulting in industrial plunger pump flow down.The term does not change the hydraulic oil, does not wash the oil pool in real time or because of coarse, fine filter problems, the plunger is often sticky chip;Due to high pressure or poor quality of oil resulting in disc mouth valve and skeleton oil seal sealing.

Service life and normal maintenance of the pump, the number and quality of hydraulic oil, oil cleanliness, etc.In order not to wear the piston pump, is a useful way to delay the life of the piston pump.When repairing and changing parts, make the best use of the original produced parts. These parts are sometimes more expensive than other fake parts, but their quality and invariance are better.Buying cheap knockoffs may seem cheap in the short term, but it also carries risks, mostly because of the greater risk of taking advantage of piston pumps.In the reality of things to deep production site, frequent inspection, serious thinking, in order to first outside, after the focus of view components, rescue measures, functional components, from easy to difficult diagnosis and maintenance.Detailed subject, detailed analysis, by analogy, by analogy, such as, can be useful, quickly diagnose, repair equipment.



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