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Working principle of hydraulic plunger pump

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1, according to the flow rate adjustable can be divided into: variable pump and quantitative pump.The output flow can be adjusted according to the need to be called variable pump, flow can not be adjusted called quantitative pump.Working principle of hydraulic plunger pump

2, according to the hydraulic system commonly used pump structure is divided into: gear pump, vane pump and plunger pump 3 kinds.

Gear pump: smaller volume, simple structure, the oil cleanliness requirements are not strict, the price is cheaper;But the pump shaft by unbalanced force, serious wear, leakage.

Blade pump: divided into double-acting blade pump and single-acting blade pump.The pump flow uniformity, smooth operation, low noise, pressure and volume efficiency than gear pump, structure than gear pump complex.

Plunger pump: high volume efficiency, small leakage, can work under high pressure, mostly used in high-power hydraulic system;But the structure is complex, the material and the processing precision request is high, the price is expensive, to the oil cleanliness request is high.

Working principle of hydraulic plunger pump:

Generally in gear pump and blade pump can not meet the requirements of the plunger pump.There are some other forms of hydraulic pump, such as screw pump, but the application is not as common as the above three

Hydraulic pump is a kind of hydraulic element that provides pressurized liquid for hydraulic transmission. It is a kind of pump.Its function is to convert the mechanical energy of power engines (such as electric motors and internal combustion engines) into the pressure energy of liquids.The working principle of the single plunger pump is that the CAM is driven by the motor rotation, when the CAM pushes the plunger upward movement, plunger and cylinder body formed sealed volume reduction, oil from the sealed volume out, through the one-way valve to the place where the need.When the CAM rotates to the falling part of the curve, the spring forces the plunger downward, forming a certain vacuum, the oil in the oil tank under the action of atmospheric pressure into the sealing volume.The flange makes the plunger to rise and fall continuously, the sealing volume periodically decreases and increases, the pump constantly oil absorption and drainage.




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