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From the HLA4V plunger pump to the composite hydraulic machine, to solve the professional field processing technology multi-field application transfer advantage, create value composite material hydraulic press constant force composite material products hydraulic press for SMC, EMC, GMT, lft-d thermosetting, thermoplastic composite material molding.It can be widely used in shipbuilding and automobile, building petrochemical, energy and building materials, electric power and electric appliances, electronic communication, rail transit, aerospace and other fields.

Hengli's hydraulic press for composite materials has many advantages of "high efficiency, accuracy, reliability, energy saving, environmental protection and economy".

1. Multi-pump group configuration:

Conventional press USES a motor to drive a large oil pump. Due to the complexity of composite material pressure maneuvering and the large speed span, the maximum speed is 1000 times of the minimum speed. Therefore, different oil pumps are used for control in different working periods, which can save energy and operate more stably.Take the imported press as an example. For the same two 1000T presses, the noise of the imported press is 96dBA and the current is 150A when the pressure is maintained. After constant force transformation, the noise of the press is 72dBA and the current is 5.5a.

2. The main pump adopts the world's leading HLA4V axial plunger pump

HLA4V axial piston pump with constant force independent research and development of high-performance hydraulic pump, it can resist pollution, high pressure, low noise, strong self-priming capacity, alternating load when the performance is stable, can withstand the radial pressure and variable form, the advantages of long service life, is the "trump card" products in hydraulic pump, the performance standards to completely replace the imported products.

3. Layout structure of the new frame and oil cylinder:

The new frame with integral plate and frame structure developed by German technology is welded with high quality materials. The rigidity performance is up to 1/8000, and the assembly accuracy is improved by 2 grades.Also reduce the use of large table press small die damage to the equipment.

4. Low speed stability performance

In order to achieve low speed stability, conventional composite press adopts valve control system, while constant force composite press adopts pump control system. The minimum stable speed can achieve 0.1mm/s, and theoretically there is no energy loss.

5, no oil lubrication track

At present, the guide rail of composite material press all over the world is lubricated by thin oil, while the guide rail of constant force composite material press is lubricated by oil-free, which does not pollute the environment and makes the guide not touch dust to reduce wear.

6. No cooling system:

At present, the world's composite press has a huge cooling equipment, only constant force production of composite press without cooling equipment, save a lot of electricity and water, and eliminate the damage of cooling equipment.

7. Low-noise configuration:

Due to the use of low-noise motor pumps and noise reduction measures, the composite press produced by constant force is 6Dba lower than the conventional one.

8. Storage configuration:

The composite hydraulic press stores the energy of the oil pump when the press holds the pressure to take out the material, to lay out the material, to take out the part, when working, so that the total power of the motor can be reduced by 50%.

High rigidity construction

• the main machine adopts special high-stiffness fuselage structure of four-column type, combined frame type and integral frame type.

• frame rigidity is checked and calculated according to 1/8000, and matching with abrasive tools can greatly reduce the influence of machine deformation on the workpiece.

• welding parts of the body are mainly made of wugang steel plate, and machining is done by kebao large longmen processing center.

• the oil cylinder adopts the integral forging blank, the inner hole finishing adopts the rolling or honing process, and the maximum pressure is 120Mpa.

• PAKER and MERKEL products are used for sealing parts

• the main body of the hydraulic valve set adopts high-quality plug-in integrated valve, and the valve body is processed by MILLTRONICS VM24 processing center;Pilot valve USES lixin, huade, YUKEN, REXROTH and other products.

• support valve adopts ATOS solenoid ball valve

• the hydraulic pump adopts constant force and low noise proportional pump or REXROTH product, and the hydraulic pipe is made of JUJEC bending, chamfered, argon arc welding, pickling and phosphating.

High precision process

• high static and dynamic accuracy

• safety protection adopts SUNX screen protection system and upper limit hydraulic locking system.

• hydraulic control system adopts pump control system, the minimum stable speed can achieve 0.1mm/s, theoretically no energy loss.

• the hydraulic system is equipped with two sets of in-mold core-pulling control system and pre-set in-mold ejection control system: multi-point ejection, blowing and other functions can be added.

• it can realize such actions as fast downstroke, pre-pressing, air release, working, pressure holding, cylinder pressure, slow mold opening, fast return, slow ejection, fast ejection and stay, fast return, etc. It can also add functions such as air release section (up to 6 sections), replenishing pressure and stabilizing pressure, multi-point temperature control, and rapid pressure

Humanized control system

• the electrical control is controlled by MITSUBISHI, OMRON and SIEMENS programmable controller, and the industrial touch screen of EVIEWMT, MITSUBISHI, OMRON and SIEMENS is used to realize man-machine dialogue.

•BALLUFF displacement sensor, HYDAC pressure sensor, OMRON digital display temperature controller for temperature control.

• safety protection adopts SUNX screen protection system and upper limit hydraulic locking system, all parameters can set different curves and can be authorized to modify, print and save: communication system can be added to realize remote control, network control or centralized control.

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