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  • A2FM90

product description

1. Product features:
Hydraulic components for industry mobile machinery; swash plate axial piston quantitative motor, suitable for open and closed circuits of hydrostatic transmission; hydraulic motor output speed is related to pump flow and motor displacement; output torque follows the pressure difference between high and low pressure sides As well as the increase in displacement; long-life, high-precision bearings and park seals are selected; it has the characteristics of compact structure design, light weight, low noise and high efficiency.
2. Specification calculation
Flow rate: qv=Vg.n/1000 L/min
Output speed: n=qv.1000. ηv/Vg rpm
Output torque: T=Vg. △Pmh/2. π N.m
Power: p=2π.T.n/60000=qv. △P. ηt/60 KW
Note: Vg=displacement Ml/r △P=pressure difference MPa n=speed rpm
ηv = volumetric efficiency ηmh = mechanical efficiency ηt = point efficiency
Three, performance parameters
Displacement Vgmax cm3/r
Maximum speed nmaxrpm
Maximum flow when n=nmax L/min
Equivalent torque Nm/bar
Torque △P=40MPa Nm
Pump body oil volume L
Weight Kg
Working pressure range of working circuit port
The maximum pressure of port A or B is shown in the following table:
Specification 28~125Shaft A, ZShaft extension B, P
Nominal pressure PN40Mpa35Mpa
Maximum pressure Pmax45Mpa40Mpa
Note: 1. For shaft ends Z and P, if the drive shaft has a strong force, the nominal pressure only allows PN=31.5 Mpa
2. Corresponding to the shaft end Z, displacement from 28 to 56: PN=35Mpa Pmax=40Mpa
3. The pressure of port A and B does not exceed 70MPa
Oil flow direction (viewed from the shaft end)
a. Clockwise, A flows to B
b. Counterclockwise, B flows to A
range of rotation
In occasions where smooth operation is required, the minimum speed n min cannot be lower than 50 rpm, and the maximum speed is in accordance with the parameter table.
a. The pump body must be filled with oil during trial operation and kept full during work
b. The motor must be started at low speed and no load until the system is completely deflated
c. In order to reduce noise, it is recommended to use flexible components to isolate all connecting pipes from the fuel tank
d. The temperature of any point in the oil circuit must not exceed 115℃
e. The allowable value of case oil drain pressure is absolute to the motor speed. The short-term allowable absolute pressure peak value P k≦0.6Mpa; the case drain pressure during average continuous operation shall not exceed the absolute pressure 0.3Mpa
2. Implementation standards of hydraulic motors
JB/T10829-2008 hydraulic motor

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