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Four pillars


product description

From HLA4V plunger pump to composite hydraulic machine, solve the processing technology in professional fields
Multi-domain applications deliver advantages and create value
Constant force composite product hydraulic press is used for compression molding of thermosetting and thermoplastic composite materials such as SMC, EMC, GMT, LFT-D, etc. It can be widely used in marine vehicles, construction petrochemicals, energy building materials, power appliances, electronic communications, rail transit, aerospace and other fields.
The special hydraulic press for composite materials produced by Hengli has many advantages of \"high efficiency, precision, reliability, energy saving, environmental protection and economy\", and it is an excellent model for the quality, efficiency and value of hydraulic presses in the composite products industry!
1. Multi-pump group configuration:
The conventional press uses a motor to drive a large oil pump. Due to the complex action of the composite press, the speed span is large, and the maximum speed is 1000 times the minimum speed. Therefore, different oil pumps are used to control different working periods, which can save energy. The action is more stable. Take the imported press as an example. For the same two 1000T presses, the noise of the imported press is 96dBA and the current is 150A when the pressure is maintained. After constant force transformation, the noise of the press is 72dBA and the current is 5.5A.
2. The main pump adopts the world's leading HLA4V axial piston pump
HLA4V axial piston pump is a high-performance hydraulic pump independently developed by Hengli. It has anti-pollution, high pressure, low noise, strong self-priming ability, stable performance under alternating loads, can withstand radial pressure, and has many variable forms. Long life and other advantages, it is the \"ace\" product in hydraulic pumps, and its performance fully meets the standard of replacing imported products.
3. New frame and cylinder arrangement structure:
The new overall frame structure frame developed by German technology is welded with high-quality materials. The rigidity reaches 1/8000, and the assembly accuracy is improved by 2 levels. It also reduces the damage to the equipment caused by the use of small molds in the large table top press.
4. Low-speed stable performance
Conventional composite presses use valve control systems to achieve low-speed stability. Constant force composite presses use pump control systems. The minimum stable speed can achieve 0.1mm/s and theoretically no energy loss.
5. No oil lubrication track
At present, the guide rails of composite material presses all over the world use thin oil lubrication, and the constant force composite material presses use oil-free lubrication guideways, which does not pollute the environment, and makes the guideways free of dust and wear.
6. No cooling system:
At present, the composite material presses all over the world have huge cooling equipment. Only the composite material presses produced by Hengli do not require cooling equipment, which saves a lot of electricity and water, and prevents damage to the cooling equipment.
7. Low noise configuration:
Due to the use of low-noise motor pump units and noise reduction measures, the composite press produced by Hengli is 6Dba lower than conventional.
8. Storage configuration:
The energy of the oil pump is stored when the press is pressure-maintained, picking, spreading, and picking, and releases it during work, so that the total motor power can be reduced by 50%.
High rigid structure
•The main machine adopts special high-rigidity fuselage structure such as four-column type, combined frame type, and integral frame type.
•The rigidity of the frame is checked and calculated according to 1/8000. Cooperating with the abrasive tool can greatly reduce the influence of the deformation of the machine tool on the workpiece.
•The welding parts of the machine body are mainly made of Wugang steel plate, and the machining is processed by the Coburg large gantry machining center.
•The oil cylinder adopts an integral forging blank, and the finishing of the inner hole adopts rolling or honing process, and the maximum pressure is 120Mpa.
• Seals adopt PAKER, MERKEL products
•The main body of the hydraulic valve group adopts high-quality cartridge integrated valve, and the valve body is processed by MILLTRONICS VM24 processing center; the pilot valve adopts Lixin, Huade, YUKEN, REXROTH and other products.
• Support valve adopts ATOS solenoid ball valve
•Hydraulic pump adopts constant force low-noise proportional pump or REXROTH product, and hydraulic pipe adopts JUJEC bending, which is formed by chamfering, argon arc welding, pickling and phosphating.
High precision process
•High static and dynamic accuracy
•Safety protection adopts SUNX light curtain protection system and upper limit hydraulic locking system.
•The hydraulic control system adopts a pump control system, and the minimum stable speed can achieve 0.1mm/s, theoretically no energy loss.
•The hydraulic system is equipped with two sets of in-mold core-pulling control systems, and preset in-mold ejection control systems: multi-point ejection, blowing and other functions can be added.
• It can realize rapid down, pre-pressing, deflation, work, holding pressure, cylinder pressure, slow mold opening, rapid return, slow demolding, rapid ejection, ejection stay, rapid retreat and other actions: can also increase the release Air segmentation (up to 6 segments), pressure compensation and stabilization, temperature multi-point control, rapid pressure and other functions
Humanized control system
•The electrical control is controlled by MITSUBISHI, OMRON, SIEMENS programmable controllers, and EVIEWMT, MITSUBISHI, OMRON, SIEMENS touch industrial display screens are used to realize man-machine dialogue;
•BALLUFF displacement sensor, HYDAC pressure sensor send signal, temperature control adopts OMRON digital display temperature controller.
•Safety protection adopts SUNX light curtain protection system and upper limit hydraulic locking system. All parameters can be set to different curves and can be authorized to modify, print, and save: and can be equipped with a communication system to achieve remote control, network control or centralized control.

projectUnit (model)Y71-800Y71-1000Y71-1250Y71-1500Y71-2000Y71-2500Y71-3000
Nominal forceKN8000100001250015000200002500030000
Hydraulic pressureMpa25252525252525
Maximum stroke of slidermm1200120016001600200020002500
Maximum openingmm1600160020002000250025003000
Maximum stroke of ejector cylinder pistonmm250250250250250250250
Mold opening forceKN1600200020003150400050006300
Demoulding forceKN1000100010001500200020002000
Return tripmm/s200200200200200200200
Effective size of worktableaboutmm2800320032003200320036003600
Before and aftermm2200220022002200220025002500
Height of working table from groundmm0000000
Total motor powerKW75.75110.8150.75180.75230.75265.75330.75
Host weightT95115138165195290350
Machine sizeaboutmm6000625065006800715080508450
Before and aftermm4800480050005000500058005800
Above groundmm650069007400780080082008400
Deep undergroundmm1800200024002650280030003500

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