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  • HL-A4VSG250LR

product description

HLA4V pump has the advantages of low noise, small size, good self-priming ability and high reliability. When applied in a closed system, when the oil pump variable crosses the zero position, the general plunger pump has a tray phenomenon. Only the HLA4V pump can effectively solve this problem, because the charge pump and the control pump can be connected in series, and the control valve can be integrated on the pump cover , Its structure is very compact; in addition, the proportional pumps are equipped with a closed feedback loop of displacement sensors, and its zero control accuracy is very high.
Widely used in: metallurgical industry, forging industry, shipbuilding industry, military ships, etc.
HLA4V series specifications produced by Hengli are 40, 71, 125, 180, 250, 500:; variable forms include constant pressure, constant power, hydraulic, load sensing, proportional, servo, pressure and flow compound control forms; there are open systems Pumps and closed system pumps.
a swash plate axial piston pump variable pump b hydraulic pump flow rate is proportional to pump speed and displacement c can be achieved by adjusting the swash plate angle to achieve infinite variable d rated working pressure can reach 35MPa, excellent suction characteristics f choose long Life, high-precision bearings, with compact structure design, light weight, low noise, static pressure balance sliding shoes to increase service life, sensitive control response, with swash plate angle indicator
2, Calculation specifications
Output flow: Q=Vg.n.ηv/1000 L/min
Torque: M=1.59Vg.△P/10ηmh N.m
Power: P=M.n/9549=Q. △P/60ηt Kw
Note: Vg=displacement Ml/r △P=pressure difference MPa n=speed rpm
ηv = volumetric efficiency ηmh = mechanical efficiency ηt = point efficiency
3,technical parameter
Performance parameter
Displacement Vgmax(cm3/r)
Maximum speed nmax(rpm)
Maximum flow (L/min) When n=nmax
When n=1500rpm
Maximum power △P=35MPa (KW) When n=nmax
When n=1500rpm
Maximum torque△P=35MPa(Nm)
Weight [approximate value] (Kg)
[The above data does not consider mechanical efficiency and capacity efficiency]
Hydraulic pump working pressure range:
Inlet: a. The recommended pressure of the replenishing circuit is: P=1.6MPa
b. The recommended charging pressure of the auxiliary pump with the supplementary oil and pilot control is: P=2.5MPa
c. The maximum charge pressure of MA and EO variable form is: Pmax=5 MPa
d. The maximum charge pressure of HD, LR.N-J, DR variable form is: Pmax=1.6 MPa
e. The inlet pressure of the auxiliary pump is: P≧0.07 MPa [absolute pressure]
Oil source:
Rated pressure P=35MPa Peak pressure=40MPa
a. The pump body must be filled with oil during trial operation and kept full during work
b. In order to reduce noise, all connecting pipes are recommended to be isolated from the fuel tank with flexible components
c. The leaking pipeline needs to be directly returned to the mailbox, and the drain pressure (the highest pressure allowed in the shell) is 0.2 MPa (absolute pressure)
d. During vertical installation, bearing flushing is recommended to ensure sufficient lubrication of the front bearing and shaft seal oil. It can be done by the oil port U close to the front flange of the variable pump. The flushing oil flows through the money bearing and is discharged from the leaking oil port together with the leaking oil of the pump. U port and leakage oil port T maintain a pressure difference of about 0.2 MPa. Flushing oil flow required by various specifications of pumps
See table below
specification 40 71 125 180 250 355
Flow L/min 4 5 6 8 12 16
e. When the hydraulic pump is continuously running at rated pressure or intermittent peak pressure, use auxiliary devices to cool the oil to ensure that the oil temperature does not exceed the specified range.
Fourth, hydraulic performance standards
JB/T 7043-2006 hydraulic axial piston pump
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