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Ningbo Hilead hydraulic participation in cracking hydraulic pump key technical project

On December 23, 2021 National Key R & D Plan \"Key Technology Research and Application of Internal Curve Hydraulic Motors\" was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Ningbo Products Food Quality Inspection Research Institute National Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Product Quality Inspection and Testing Center (hereinafter referred to as \"National Intelligence Center \") as a core member participating in the project, and the first time the market supervision system technology institutions participate in the national key research and development plan \ High Performance Manufacturing Technology and Major Equipment \"Key Special Scientific Research Project.

It is reported that the project leads the unit to participate in Zhejiang University, Ningbo Hengli Hydraulic Participation, including 4 sub-topics, national intelligent centers as the project of \"key parts heat treatment and surface modification process\", and topics 4 \"internal curve The participating units of hydraulic motor friction deputy and durability test and application demonstration will mainly bear the physical and chemical performance test of the material, and the internal curve hydraulic motor key components are precise measurement, steady state properties and durability test of motorful motor machine, and related countries. Standard revision work, through \"Industry Research Examination \" collaborative research, fully help the independent controllable and demonstration application of the displacement, high-power curve hydraulic motor products.

According to professional technicians of national intelligent centers, the role of internal curve hydraulic motors is to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, with low speed stability, can be uniformly variable speed, output torque, etc., in construction machinery,Ships, sea industries, coal mines, metallurgical equipment, and military fields have widespread use. Since there is a technological deficiencies in the existing domestic curve hydraulic motor, the low-speed stability is poor, the operating life is short, and the import is mainly relying primarily on imports.

The project will focus on the design, friction of the sub-material and surface function modification, and the inner cam curve is maintained, and efforts to improve motor volume efficiency, total efficiency, durability, and noise. The breakthrough is made, thereby greatly improving the transmission efficiency and service life of the product. While promoting energy saving and emission reduction, it provides stable and reliable, long-lived products, and solves the product \" \"Worry\". The products, technologies and standards developed during the project can also form a demonstration effect, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industry, and promote the development of my country's high-end manufacturing.

In recent years, as an important national inspection and testing platform, the national intelligent center focused on the field of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, jointly jointly with Zhejiang University, the National Hydraulic Pneumatic Standards Committee, etc., etc. Series Major Scientific Research Project Technical Research and Standard Revision.

In the past three years, there are 12 national key research and development programs, Ningbo Major Science and Technology Special, Ningbo Science and Technology Service Industry Demonstration Project and other scientific research projects, and host 4 national standards, participate in the development of 6 national standards, 2 industry standards More than 20 scientific research papers, gain a number of honors such as the Third Prize of China Hydraulic Liquid Pneumatic Seal Industry Technology Progress Award.

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